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Honey has been used as a natural remedy in various medications since ancient days. Honey in its pure form promotes overall wellness. Only the honey that is pure without any additives qualifies for world’s best honey. Some of the world’s best honey products are those which are gathered from the nectar of flora in dense forests and are free from preservatives and additives.

Honey is immensely beneficial when it is brought straight from the hive and does not go through any heating or any kind of processing. Since the world’s best honey does not contain any artificial sugars and comes straight from the nectar of various medicinal flowers, it has the potential to cure many health ailments in addition to boosting immunity and providing instant energy.

One must stay away from low-quality honey mixed with glucose or fructose solution and sold at cheaper prices. Artificial sugars, flavours can be harmful to health and also lead to weight gain. And obese people tend to catch infections faster. So, one must explore world’s best honey that is pure organic without any shiny appearance. One must be well informed to choose pure honey with all health attributes that contribute to making it the world’s best honey.

Health benefits from world’s best honey :

Studies indicate that pure honey straight from the hive is more beneficial for health as its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are intact. When you check for the world’s best honey, it includes the main characteristics that make honey pure, natural and rich in medicinal benefits. Pure honey can do wonders in preventing diseases and promoting overall wellness. A study published in the “Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine journal” showed honey can reduce the risk of cancer by boosting immunity, fighting infection and cause cancer cell death by apoptosis (a mechanism that allows cell to self-destruct). What matters is that the honey you buy must be pure to ensure maximum health benefits.

Qualities of world’s best honey:
The purest honey is gathered from the deepest forests that offer a rich forage for bees to obtain the nectar from various medicinal flowers. The natural aroma, colour, texture and health properties remain intact in the world’s best honey. These natural health properties are not lost in the process of gathering, testing and packing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while exploring world’s best honey:
Pure honey does not have a shiny or glossy appearance.
Pure honey does not smell like sugar syrup, instead it will have a hint of flowery smell.
Adulterated honey easily dissolves in water, whereas pure honey settles at the bottom of the glass.
Pure honey is usually thick whereas adulterated ones tend to be runny.
Yet another way to determine the purity is through the flame test.
When matchstick is dipped in honey and struck, if it lights up, the honey is pure. However, one must be careful while performing this test.
On heating, while pure honey caramelises very fast, impure honey tends to get bubbly.

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