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Pure organic turmeric with yoghurt can help in treating iron deficiency. Eating one cup of yoghurt (curd) with a teaspoon of pure organic turmeric powder can help in boosting iron in the body and manage anemia naturally. This mixture should be eaten morning and afternoon. Yellowraw Ultima has all the natural healing properties of pure organic turmeric as it is harvested in mineral rich farmlands of Meghalaya and is reputed to be the world’s best turmeric.

In order to get the best results from turmeric, one must always use pure organic turmeric that is totally chemical free. Adulterated turmeric can have adverse effects on health. The pure organic turmeric has all the natural medicinal values and essential oils well preserved in it because it is harvested in soils free from pesticides. Yellowraw turmeric from Nature's Box, is the superior and pure organic turmeric that adopts sustainable methods of organic farming to bring high quality turmeric that is absolutely pure.
Yellowraw turmeric range is cultivated in pollution free, pesticide free hilly terrains of North Eastern and Southern parts of India. Yellowraw available in four exclusive varieties namely Yellowraw Ultima, Yellowraw Premium, Yellowraw Regular and Yellowraw Kasturi. Every batch of pure organic turmeric meets the parameters of quality and purity of the best turmeric in India. All the organic turmeric products of Yellowraw ensure retention of natural medicinal properties through quality testing and hygienic packing.

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