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Black Pepper 60 gms

Rs. 110.00

Nature’s Box brings perfect organic peppers, from the rolling ghats of tropical forests in Kerala. Totally free from chemicals, these whole peppers are natural to the core, and add a dash of healthy touch to your food.

Organic Black Pepper

The product passes quality tests to guarantee the nutrient and health properties are intact when packed.

  • Organic farming 
  • Grown in Western ghats
  • Rich in medicinal properties
  • Aromatic & flavourful
  • Used in cooking and medicinal purposes
  • Quality tested & verified

The humid climate along with rich soil make it ideal for pepper growth in the Western and Eastern ghats of India. It is cultivated using organic farming methods that ensure pure and high flavour whole pepper rich in piperine which helps relieve headache, nausea, indigestion and inflammation.

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