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Yellowraw Regular (Ideal for Cooking) 130 gms

Rs. 260.00

Yellowraw Regular is the Purest turmeric powder that is free from chemicals, Organically grown in mineral rich, clean and pristine lands of the Eastern ghats, it is free from preservatives and is ideal for cooking and home remedies. The assured 4 – 6 % curcumin and retention of essential oils make it stand out from the rest of the ordinary turmeric.

Pure Turmeric Powder

Yellowraw Regular is safe and Pure Turmeric Powder perfect for everyday cooking purposes.

  • Organic farming
  • Pure, natural & chemical-free
  • 4 – 6 % Curcumin,
  • Replete with nutritional & medicinal values
  • Ideal for cooking

As much of modern medicine has numerous side effects, Purest Turmeric Powder holds special importance even in today’s times, across the globe. With 4% to 6% assured curcumin in Yellowraw Regular turmeric, you won’t find any harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on your health. Yellowraw Regular is rich in golden colour and is ideal for daily cooking.

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