Dry ginger 40 Gms
Dry ginger 40 Gms

Dry ginger 40 Gms

Rs. 85.00
Nature’s Box delivers the best and naturally dried sliced ginger from local farmers in Meghalaya. Organically grown and naturally sun dried in neat and hygienic conditions, this dry ginger retains all the medicinal qualities.
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Dry ginger 40 Gms

Dry ginger 40 Gms

Rs. 85.00


Customer Reviews

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Tasneem Zahir
Relief in 2 days

Amazing quality and great packaging. It worked really well for throat ache. Could see the results in 2 days.

Smell says it all

You can tell by the smell of it that it is 100% pure and preservative free.

Product description

Dried Sliced Ginger

Dry Ginger is cultivated in the hilly regions of Meghalaya,
where, where organic farming practices are followed.

  • Harvested in Meghalaya
  • Retains essential oils
  • Rich in medicinal values
  • Hygienic drying and packing
  • Quality tested & verified

The soil in these regions has sufficient moisture that helps in growing the best ginger, high in medicinal benefits such as improving digestion, treating cold, cough, respiratory disorders, nausea and preventing infection. The product is thoroughly checked at quality labs to ensure its therapeutic properties are well preserved.

Natural & traditional farming methods

This is an organic produce grown in the terrains of Meghalaya which is blessed with mineral rich soil, climate and water. Nature’s Box takes utmost care at every step of harvesting, drying and hygienic packing to ensure you get the best quality dry ginger with its medicinal qualities, natural aroma and bold flavour intact.

Powerhouse of medicinal benefits

The chemical free cultivation methods and advanced organic processing techniques maintain the integrity of herbs’ medicinal values.

Uses of Dry Ginger

Cures nausea & cold

The anti-inflammatory gingerols present in dry ginger helps treat nausea. It also helps in providing relief from sore throat, cold and cough. 

Burns fat

Adding it to daily diet or drinking warm water boiled with crushed dry ginger helps boost metabolism and burn off excess fat.

Culinary benefits

Dry ginger used in spiced curries can prevent gas issues. Adding it to tea gives quick relief from sore throat and cough.

Beauty benefits

Applying dry ginger powder with lavender oil or milk works as a good face pack that reduces dry skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find best quality dry ginger?

Dry ginger will have essential oils present in it. The quality depends on the ginger root which is free from chemicals and pesticides. Nature’s Box delivers organically harvested, medicinally rich dry ginger that is cultivated in Meghalaya, home to the best quality dry ginger in India.

How is dry ginger different from fresh ginger?

Dried ginger is higher in antioxidants and has more concentrated flavour.