Jun 18, 2021

Organic food contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients than conventionally raised food. Singer and Guiness World Record holder Ghazal Srinivas talks about the importance of using pure organic food and his experience with Nature's Box products.

"I welcome the clean, healthy and beautiful nature of our country into our homes, health and kitchens through Nature's Box products which are totally chemical free and naturally rich with immense health benefits. Nature's Box products are approved by USFDA and FSSAI.

Today, Immunity levels are reducing and virus infections are on the rise. And we are spending so much on medical treatments. At such times, it is very important that we should not only be aware but eat the right food which is free from chemicals. This is the mission with which Nature's Box is forging ahead by protecting mother nature and bringing forth a range of pure organic and chemical free products with immense health benefits.

If we are wise and wish complete wellness for the future generations, let us use pure organic food products by Nature's Box and boost our immunity and overall health.

Yellowraw Ultima with 8 - 10% curcumin is pure and best turmeric. I take a tiny ball shaped turmeric with water every morning. It helps me in having a clear throat without phlegm, sinus, cold, cough and gives me the strength to fight any virus. If you have this product at home, you have the perfect solution for good health. We use Yellowraw Premium with 6 - 8 % curcumin in cooking. It is pure and best for cooking various dishes. Pure Trueney honey also helps in improving immunity and fighting the virus.As a singer who is keen on good health, I use Yellowraw turmeric."

As a singer who is keen on good health, I use Yellowraw turmeric."
World’s Best Turmeric
Yellowraw Ultima brings Best Turmeric in The World with highest curcumin.
World’s High Curcumin Turmeric 8 – 10 %
Pure, natural & chemical-free
Sourced from Meghalaya
Organically farmed Lakadong variety
Rich medicinal values
Good for cooking and direct consumption in moderate amount.

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