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About Us

About Us

A fresh new path in delivering food rich in medicinal values

Nature’s Box is a story with a sweet start…and it’s all heart. Satish Kemburu is a visionary entrepreneur with a penchant for socially responsible farming. Hailing from a family that’s proudly rooted in farming, Satish invested in Nature’s Box to show the world how an ethical, sustainable organic food company can benefit the society.

After years of extensive research and observing how the contemporary food labels have mass produced so-called healthy products that borderline toxic/dehydrated food, Satish took his purpose-driven business to the next level by introducing a rich range of healthy, truly organic food products.

Along the way, Nature’s Box is blessed to have the support of insightful people joining in and strengthening the company. The likes of nature enthusiasts and sustainable farming professionals with deep insights into regenerative agriculture practices as well as tribesmen who come from age-old lineage of gathering herbs and spices from well endowed, pristine forests. The team identifies potential lands with mineral rich soil, water and ensure that these lands have had no presence of chemicals for decades. Nature’s Box paves a fresh a new path in forging a healthy society by delivering organic food rich in medicinal values that complements the culinary experience, too.


Holistic nutrition

Nature’s Box sees being in a high-grade, purely natural food market with high price tags as a competitive advantage because there is far less competition for genuine food companies in this segment.

This one-of-its-kind company further believes that other similar brands are years behind in quality, and are producing “organic” food which is not as organic as they claim it to be, and above all, they are cutting corners in order to showcase their products in popular supermarkets.

A more concrete manifestation of Nature’s Box is that its each product is a whole, self-contained food unit, and has all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals intact within.

Purity as priority

Nature’s Box isn’t about higher volumes and mindless expansion, the company is all about raising the ‘purity’ bar in natural foods segment.


A healthy Vision

The fertile vision of Nature’s Box stems from fostering naturally harvested food products rich in medicinal values. In forging a naturally healthier society of today and tomorrow, it expects to support and significantly benefit organic farming rich in naturally healthy, chemical-free nutrients.

A multi-dimensional Mission

  • For the consumers:
    To work towards nurturing healthier communities by offering pure, pristine and green products which promote energy, vitality and immunity.
  • For the farmers/associates:
    To enable best-in-class economic benefits to farmers/associates who practice regenerative agriculture methods across India, thereby endeavouring a positive impact on the world.