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Welcome to Nature’s Box, a company whose mission is as rich as its range. From the world’s purest turmeric powder to pristinely pure honey and sumptuous spices to raw and unprocessed as possible premium grocery products, Nature’s Box is all about healthy, natural and superior ingredients that retain their natural nutritional properties thanks to the regenerative agriculture practices applied. So wherever in the world you live, if you believe in living healthy naturally, then benefit from our team’s passion to deliver organic, natural products so satisfying, so enriching that each product becomes a sensory experience made to enrich your body… and enhance your lifestyle.

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  • Naturally grown and pesticide free
  • Tested and verified by experts
  • Keeping medicinal values intact
  • Rich in essential nutrients
  • Precision from harvest to hygienic packing
Purest Turmeric

– The king of Root spices

Organic Products

Yellowraw comes from organic nature, medicated and Curcumin-rich.

Not every turmeric with bright yellow colour may really be authentic. It is the wonder component Curcumin that gives the spice its colour, flavour and abundant medicinal value. Nature’s Box presents Yellowraw, a distinct type of turmeric found only in select regions. Organically grown in mountain terrains and dense forests, the superior chemical-free Yellowraw comes in four varieties comprising the finest blends of Lakadong, Roma, Suroma,Rajendra Sonia and Kasturi for different products. The fresh produce is carefully selected and rigorously tested by experts at quality laboratories, to ensure all the essential oils and natural medicinal properties are intact.

Nature’s Box

Why Nature's Box rocks!

Nature’s box takes extreme care in identifying the best products from deep forests blessed with fertile soil, abundant water and most importantly nurture chemical free crops, ensuring essential nutrients and medicinal properties are retained in purest form when it reaches the customer.

  • Beyond organic. Works like magic
    With purity as priority, Nature's Box provides food that's as nature intended — all natural. Worth the expense, too!
  • Fresh from farm. Works like a charm
    With Nature's Box, you are sure of what you are really putting into your body — freshest possible food, delivered right from the farm.
  • Free from harmful components
    Strictly no synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers or sewage sludge-based fertilizers.
  • Highest quality. Tested for purity
    Rigorous monitoring, from seeding to harvesting, and thorough testing, during procurement and packing, ensure far safer and more nutritious organic food.

Best variety with the finest quality.


What our customers say

Our customers’ reviews encourage us to get the best on time every time. We love hearing your feedback, comments, suggestions.

I am so glad I finally found a turmeric that works well for my sore throat. With the seasonal cold and cough gripping us, I thought of trying Yellowraw Premium which surprised me with amazing results in a week’s time.

Rishi Bharadwaj, Bengaluru

I have been using turmeric in cooking and home remedies. I was curious about the highest Curcumin Lakadong variety. So, I bought Yellowraw Ultima to see if it really works. It is worth every penny as I could actually find the difference in the regular turmeric and Yellowraw in terms of texture, colour, aroma and flavour. Just a pinch and it does wonders to relieve sore throat and cold. Thank you Nature’s Box for this wonderful product.

Maya Rao, Hyderabad

Nice product. Great results and totally natural. They mean what they say. That is all I needed, and I am glad I found YellowRaw.

Vedant Kumar, Kurnool

Till I used YellowRaw True turmeric, I never knew turmeric can smell divine. The true properties are known only when an authentic product is used. Thanks to YellowRaw, I am enjoying cooking a healthy and tasty meal for my family. I have already recommended it to my friends and relatives.

Lavanya, Kakinada
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