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Nature Nourished Organic Food Products

Nature’s Box organic food products are grown with love, care and sincerity on own farmlands across India’s best terrains, using natural farming methods like mulching, vermicomposting and various research based traditional techniques that go beyond organic to bring you deep-rooted goodness of nutrient-dense, medicinally-rich food. Backed by a large community of farmers passionate about organic farming, Nature’s Box is driven by the belief that chemical free food is the only solution to prevent chronic diseases and promote better overall health. Our efforts are aimed at bringing a positive difference in the community by motivating people to follow an organic food lifestyle to stay medicine-free fit and healthy life, naturally.

Exclusive Collection

Organic Turmeric  Food Products from Nature’s Box

Yellowraw - The Unique Organic Turmeric

Yellowraw is a distinct type of organic turmeric exclusively grown on mineral rich organic lands in Meghalaya. Rigorous research followed by best natural farming techniques and dedicated efforts result in the world’s best turmeric retaining its highest curcumin known for its valuable medicinal qualities.  Nature’s Box has gone beyond organic to present the unique Yellowraw, a special collection of authentic turmeric cultivated in North Eastern region and Eastern Ghats. The three exquisite varieties of Yellowraw include Yellowraw Ultima - the indigenous Lakadong turmeric,  Yellowraw Premium - therapeutically rich with intense colour and flavour and Yellowraw Regular, ideal for everyday cooking.

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Organic Honey Food Products from Nature’s Box

Trueney - Exotic Collection Of Pure Honey

The expert bee keepers at Nature’s Box, are dedicated to ethical ways of procuring pure honey from various regions known for medicinally rich flowers. Our team meticulously places bee boxes amidst a variety of medicinally rich flowering plants which blossom in specific seasons. The honeybees collect the nectar from these flowers and store it in their honeycomb. This unprocessed honey is hygienically packed and sealed in Trueney bottle without adding any preservatives and artificial flavours, ensuring you savour pure, natural and safe honey.

The natural aroma, colour, taste and innate therapeutic qualities of different flowers stay intact in quality certified Trueney honey. Nature’s Box takes utmost care to ensure the nutritional and healing properties are not lost in the process of gathering, testing and packing. The pure organic honey comes in ten unique varieties replete with delicious taste and enormous health benefits

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organic food products Natures Box

Our priority - Organic food purity for a healthy community

Nature’s Box is about more than just delivering healthy food. It is what we call the “Beyond organic” approach where we are committed to protecting the soil, land and health from toxic fertilisers, artificial manures and other chemicals. We work with committed farmers who are guided and motivated to follow the best natural farming techniques that result in pure produce for a healthy lifestyle, clean environment and also contribute to farmers’ growth and well bring. We take utmost care right from identifying high potential mineral rich organic lands to quality seeding, chemical free harvesting and hygienic packing. So wherever in the world you live, if you believe in living healthy naturally, benefit from our team’s passion to deliver a rich range of quality certified unique, healthy organic food products so satisfying that each product becomes a sensory experience, enriching your body and enhancing your lifestyle.

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Why Choose Us

A rich range with all its essential oils, nutritional values and medicinal qualities intact, makes Nature’s Box the healthy selection for your daily nutrition.

Own Farmlands

Mineral rich organic lands across India at high agriculture yield potential regions with rich soil and conducive climate.

Medicinal Values

High quality seeding, chemical free harvesting and integration of traditional farming with advanced processing ensures retention of medicinal qualities present in food.

Tested & certified

National and global certifications and utmost care ensures integrity is maintained in every batch of products.

Farmers motivation

Various programmes aimed at creating trust and cooperation among farmers to ensure continued patronage towards organic farming.

Spread awareness

Educate people about the benefits of organic food and encourage them to adopt it as a daily diet for a healthy lifestyle, reducing dependence on medication.

Time honoured methods

Our advanced organic methods ensure retention of health benefitting oleoresins, nutritive values, making the product range rich and pure.

Customers' Reviews

Akash, Bengaluru

Really nice turmeric powder. This is the first time I could actually get the real smell of original turmeric while using it in cooking. I will give five stars to Yellowraw.

Reema, Guntur

Yellowraw Regular is so nice that every time I cook, I really love to sprinkle this turmeric in my curries. It not only gives a nice pleasant aroma but adds great taste to food.

Dr. Ghazal Srinivas, Hyderabad

I am happy with the quality of Yellowraw Premium turmeric. Thank you , Nature’s Box for selling such pure turmeric. I will continue using this product.

Kunta Sai, Hyderabad

Yellowraw Ultima is definitely the purest turmeric I have used so far. After using it for a week, I am assured that it is the most authentic and pure turmeric.

Meenakshi, Madanapalli

I use turmeric daily and Yellowraw from Nature’s Box has proved so helpful. It tastes and smells splendid compared to other turmeric that I have used so far.

B.S, Hyderabad

High Quality pure turmeric ,Really good and healthy with natural flavour taste and smell .I would recommend it to everyone .

Rajesh chawdari, Visakhapatnam

I bought Turmeric,honey,dry Ginger from natures box. All the products are Organic and are very good,This is the 3rd time im ordering from This site.

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