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#Frequently asked questions

Yellowraw Ultima

Can I use it in cooking?
Yes, certainly. You can use it as required in all kinds of dishes.
Can this turmeric be eaten directly?
Yes, Ultima turmeric can be taken directly too. The recommended amount is one teaspoon a day.
How to eat this turmeric?
A mixture of a pinch of Ultima turmeric and a pinch of black pepper shaped as a tiny ball, can be taken first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. You could also add half teaspoon of this turmeric to a glass of warm water. It helps in detox, weight loss and builds strong immunity.
Where can I get good organic turmeric?
Nature’s Box grows and harvests pure organic turmeric intact with its powerful component curcumin that has immense health benefits. Check the unique range for various purposes from cooking to home remedies.
How to check purity of turmeric?
Pure organic turmeric is orangish yellow in colour and will have an earthy aroma. Another simple way to test purity is to add 1 teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of water. If water is clear, turmeric is pure. Adulterated turmeric will remain on the top.
What is curcumin?
Curcumin is the main component found in turmeric. It has powerful antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, treat several ailments and prevent diseases. Higher curcumin means higher the benefit.
How much turmeric can be consumed in a day?
1 to 1.5 teaspoon of organic certified pure turmeric powder is considered safe to use.
How to take turmeric milk?
Boil one glass of milk. Add 1/4 teaspoon of pure organic turmeric powder rich in curcumin, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder in a glass. Pour the boiled milk and mix well. You can sweeten it by adding 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Black pepper helps in easy absorption of curcumin.
How to check purity of honey at home?
You can check if the honey is pure by these simple techniques right at home.  Place a drop on your thumb. If it sticks, it is pure honey.  Place a teaspoon of honey in a bowl of water and swirl it. Only pure honey will form a hexagonal honey comb pattern.  Add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of water. If it settles as a lump at the bottom of the glass, it is pure honey.
Does honey produce heat in the body?
Honey provides warmth to the body. It must be noted that honey mixed with hot water produces body heat. It must not be combined with tea, coffee.
Can honey be taken at night?
Honey works well when taken during morning as it is known to be an instant energiser. But you can take it in evening too. Make sure you take it half an hour before dinner.
How does honey help in weight loss?
Drinking warm water with honey is said to increase metabolism. Honey helps in releasing fat burning hormones.
What are the health benefits of honey?
Honey is a not only a natural energy booster but it also treats cough, sore throat. It improves sleep, treats wounds, burns, boosts immunity, prevents heart diseases, reduces weight, moisturises skin and treats dandruff.
What can you eat honey with?
Honey can be used for sandwiches, roti rolls, oats porridge, ragi porridge, nuts, fruit and warm water. You can also substitute honey for sugar and use it in sweets as well.
What is the difference between black and white pepper?
The difference lies in processing. While black pepper has the outer layer, white pepper does not have outer layer. Black pepper is stronger and white pepper is milder.
Can pepper cure cold and sore throat?
Yes. Pepper when combined with high curcumin turmeric can give better results. A pinch of black pepper powder and ½ teaspoon of turmeric can be added to warm milk and taken at bed time.
What is the best way to take it?
The best way to take it is with black pepper. Piperine in black pepper helps in absorption of curcumin present only in the pure organic turmeric powder.
Why is it called the best turmeric in the world?
Yellowraw Ultima is the special Lakadong turmeric exclusively grown using organic farming methods in mineral rich lands in the remote hilly regions of Meghalaya. The highest curcumin, makes it the best turmeric in the world. Curcumin is known to have amazing health benefits.
How different is it from regular turmeric?
Regular turmeric contains less than 2% of curcumin or nil in some cases. It might not contain the natural medicinal properties. Yellowraw Ultima is the pure organic turmeric grown in clean and mineral rich lands without the use of fertilisers. Eco-friendly processes are adopted to retain the essential oils and medicinal properties that makes Ultima extraordinary and unique from the regular turmeric found at the stores.
Does turmeric produce heat in the body?
Though turmeric is a heat generating spice it can be combined with lime or almond powder to reduce the heat. Pure turmeric with high curcumin has powerful antioxidants which support immune system. Best combinations with turmeric are lime, honey, cinnamon. Black pepper helps in easy absorption of curcumin and lime cools the body temperature.
What is the difference between raw turmeric and turmeric powder?
The rhizome dried and ground is turmeric powder. Raw turmeric looks like ginger and has more intense flavour. It can be peeled, chopped and used in a variety of dishes, smoothies and herbal drinks.
How long does it take to get the results from using turmeric?
It differs from person to person depending on their body constitution. The curcumin in pure organic turmeric gradually builds up in the system. One must have patience and cannot expect immediate results. For cough, common cold, sore throat, it takes 2 days to see the difference. For major ailments, it takes around 2 to 4 weeks to notice the difference. Though it takes certain amount of time, the benefits are long lasting.
Can turmeric cure cancer?
Inflammation plays a main role in cancer and curcumin in turmeric is highly effective in reducing inflammations. A study published in Oncogene journal, one of the leading cancer research journals, showed that Curcumin was more potent in suppressing inflammation and block the process of tumour cell proliferation.
What are the health benefits of pure turmeric?
Pure organic turmeric has medicinally rich curcumin that fights infections, prevents heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s. It is effective in treating asthma, arthritis, pains and depression. Apart from boosting memory, immunity, turmeric also aids in keeping sugars and blood pressure under control. One must ensure to use pure organic turmeric to get right results.
Is honey good for a diabetic?
Honey can affect blood sugar levels. If the sugars are in control consistently, pure honey can be consumed in moderation. However, jamun honey can be had as it has low glycemic index which keeps sugar under check. This honey is gathered from the nectar of Jamun flowers which have the substance that slows the release of sugar in the blood.
Can honey be given to infants?
Babies below one year should not be given honey because the bacteria in baby’s gut is not developed enough. The bacteria present in honey can cause infant botulism which can weaken the muscles.
How to store honey?
Honey should be stored in a tightly sealed glass bottle. Do not refrigerate as it can cause honey to crystalise. Keep it in a cool, dry place. Do not use wet spoon to scoop honey, as moisture can lead to fungus growth. Since honey is acidic it is better to avoid using metal spoon. Prefer a wooden spoon or a honey dipper.
Can honey be heated?
No. Heating honey can make it toxic.
Is raw honey different from regular honey?
Raw honey retains some of the bee pollen and it is not filtered.
What should one look for in pure organic pepper?
Black pepper should be uniform in colour. Darker pepper is more flavourful.
What is the best way to take black pepper?
Black pepper can be taken with turmeric as the Piperine in pepper helps in easy absorption of turmeric’s curcumin which promotes overall health. Boil one glass water. Add Crushed black pepper and pure organic turmeric. You could add 1 tablespoon of pure wild honey before drinking.