I have been using turmeric in cooking and home remedies. I was curious about the highest Curcumin Lakadong variety. So, I bought Yellowraw Ultima to see if it really works. It is worth every penny as I could actually find the difference in the regular turmeric and Yellowraw in terms of texture, colour, aroma and flavour. Just a pinch and it does wonders to relieve sore throat and cold. Thank you Nature’s Box for this wonderful product.

-Maya Rao, Hyderabad

I came across Nature's Box while browsing for organic products online. I placed an order for Yellowraw Ultima turmeric and Trueney Wild honey. I received the products in a week. Amazing turmeric, so natural that you can get the divine smell soon after opening the lid. Honey is so pure. I absolutely loved their products and am looking forward to trying other products soon.

-Lavanya, Bengaluru

Till I used YellowRaw True turmeric, I never knew turmeric can smell divine. The true properties are known only when an authentic product is used. Thanks to YellowRaw, I am enjoying cooking a healthy and tasty meal for my family. I have already recommended it to my friends and relatives.

-Rani, Kakinada

I am so glad I finally found a turmeric that works well for my sore throat. With the seasonal cold and cough gripping us, I thought of trying Yellowraw Premium which surprised me with amazing results in a week’s time.

-Rishi Bharadwaj, Bengaluru

My neighbour gifted me Nature’s Box products on Diwali. Amazing range and every product is so pure. I loved their Yellowraw Premium turmeric and pure wild honey. After opening the pack and using it, I understood how valuable this gift turned out. Unlike the regular turmeric which we used all these years, Yellowraw has fresh real smell of turmeric. I am going to recommend this product to my friends also.

-Anusuya, Bhubaneshwar

Turmeric meant just yellow colour to dishes, till I discovered Yellowraw Premium from Nature’s Box site. This turmeric reminded me of my childhood when my grandma used to grind turmeric roots and the smell used to be so pleasant. I found the same smell in Premium turmeric. This means it is 100 percent pure. Not only smell, it has very good taste and health benefits too.

-Krishnaveni, Pune

Great taste and purity. I bought Yellowraw Ultima, Carom honey and black pepper. I am extremely happy with the quality. We drink this turmeric daily with hot milk. And it has kept us glowing healthy. I must say it also promotes good sound sleep. I am going to explore more products on Nature’s Box.

-MK Ramana, Coimbatore

When natural and real purity without any chemicals and preservatives is available, what else one wants. Thanks to Nature’s Box. One has to try it to believe it. Be it their highest curcumin Ultima turmeric or pure honey and a variety of spices, each product tastes so natural that you would not want to try any other from the store.

-Manohar Sharma, Delhi