Mighty benefits of finger millet

Mighty benefits of finger millet

Apr 08, 2024

Finger Millet also known as ragi are tiny grains loaded with proteins. Benefits of finger millet are widely recognised because of its rich calcium, iron and dietary fibre essential for growing children and aging people. From porridge to puddings, rotis, sweets, snacks, crepes and malt, this easy to digest superfood is an excellent source of calcium, proteins and fibre. It can be used in a variety of ways and can also be substituted for rice. Combining wheat flour and finger millet can reduce the gluten content in rotis. Finger millet effectively controls sugar levels in diabetics. Slow digestion and heaviness of fibre helps one avoid consuming excess calories.

Great addition to weight-loss diets

The presence of high fibre makes it longer to digest than carbohydrates. This helps in keeping you full for longer time. As a result, overeating can be prevented. Ragi is also a good source of amino acids, low in fat when compared to other grains.

Finger millet is superior to other cereals as it has strong resistance to fungal infections. Finger millet health benefits go beyond protecting and preventing health ailments. Malted millet is used in health drinks popularly known as ragi malt. It is a very good source of nutrition for people of all ages.

Nutritional profile

Millets are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and fibre.

Benefits of finger millet that make it an ideal food for all ages

Finger millet is valued for its essential nutrients including amino acids, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine which are vital for maintaining good health. Research studies have proven that mineral salts and fibre present in this whole grain, help in controlling diabetes. The fibre and polyphenols aid in combating medical conditions like diabetes, cardio ailments, large intestinal cancer and cholesterol. While fibre plays a vital role in reducing lipid levels and sugar in the blood, antioxidants help in healing wounds quickly. The phytochemicals enable proper functioning of the digestive system. Since millets are high in iron, they can boost haemoglobin levels. As the presence of calcium and Vitamin D ensure strong bones, it is a very good supplement that helps children grow tall and strong. The amino acids lecithin and methionine help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body and getting rid of excess fat deposited in the liver. The tryptophan present in millets, effectively treats insomnia and aids in getting sound sleep.

How to use Finger millet

Finger millet (ragi) can be finely powdered and filtered using a sieve. This powder form of ragi is commonly used to prepare porridge using milk or hot water, desserts, breads, idli, dosa, upma or even bake cakes and pancakes.

Millets can be mixed with a variety of combinations like wheat or vermicelli, jaggery to make kheer (pudding). It can also be mixed with yoghurt and salt and consumed as a beverage to beat the heat. It not only lends a great taste but also significantly contributes to good health.

Finger Millet health benefits as mentioned in Ayurveda
  • Finger millet porridge is effective in reducing acidity.
  • Drinking milk with soaked and finely powdered Finger millet helps in relieving urinary disorders.
  • Adding some buttermilk in millet porridge reduces heat in the body.

Are there any side-effects?

Increased consumption of Finger millet leads to formation of oxalic acid in the body, which can further lead to urinary calculi. Hence this cereal is not recommended for people suffering from kidney stones. The goitrogen compounds present in it can interfere with thyroid levels. So, people with thyroid problems must consult their doctor before adding Finger millet to their diet. It should also be avoided by people with goitre.

How to identify the pure Finger millet

Benefits of finger millet are assured in organically grown grains which are considered best in terms of nutrition and taste as natural farming methods are deployed without the use of any toxic fertilisers. One can determine the purity by the colour which is a combination of black and mild red. Every seed will have a black dot at the tip.

Nature’s Box brings the purest ragi flour ground from finger millet cultivated using natural farming methods free from chemical-based fertilisers. Utmost care is taken at all stages right from well selected grains to powdering and packing to ensure that the natural nutrients of ragi remain intact.

How to use

Using naturally grown millets free from chemical- based pesticides and fertilisers will assure retention of innate nutritional qualities of millets. They must be soaked for at least two hours before cooking. It can be used in preparing khichdi, sweets, dosa or porridge. But it must be noted that this millet cannot be combined with other grains.

Are there any side effects?

People suffering from thyroid or hypo thyroid are advised not to consumer millets as they are high in proteins and goitrogenic compounds. Moderate amount of chemical free millets is ideal to consume.

Identifying the right millets

It is recommended to use millets grown using natural farming methods, to get maximum health benefits. Natural, non-chemical based and unpolished barnyard millets are usually creamish in colour and every seed has a dot at the tip. Nature’s Box brings premium millets grown using beyond organic methods that help in preserving the natural nutrients of millets.

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