Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms
Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms
Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms

Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms

Rs. 50.00
Nature’s Box brings solid organic jaggery that is free from additives and harmful chemicals. A healthy substitute to sugar, it is a natural sweetener made from organic sugarcane.
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Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms

Organic Jaggery Block 250 Gms

Rs. 50.00
Product description

Jaggery Blocks

Nature’s Box ensures that the jaggery is free from impurities and follows hygienic methods in filtering and packing process.

  • Rich source of iron
  • Prevents anaemia
  • Purifies blood
  • High in anti-oxidants
  • Relieves cough
  • Builds immunity


Organic jaggery is highly effective in supporting immune system and digestive health. It is beneficial during winters in keeping the body warm. It works as a best home remedy for cold, cough, when combined with organic turmeric powder.

Natural & traditional farming methods

Nature’s Box aims to forge a healthy community by offering its exotic range of chemical free, nutrient-dense and medicinally rich pure organic food products that guarantee an infinite blend of health and taste. The unrefined jaggery contains molasses, that is rich in iron. The chemical free cultivation, advanced natural processing and packing with utmost hygiene maintain the integrity of the nutrient and health properties of the food product.

Benefits of organic Jaggery

Superfood for Winter

Eating organic jaggery mixed with sesame seeds and peanuts helps regulate appetite and also reduce the risk of cold, cough and flu. It also purifies blood.  

Improves digestion

Having 1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of powdered jaggery helps detox, reduces digestive disorders, clears acidity and reduces belly fat too.

Rich source of iron

Having organic jaggery with pure turmeric and ghee increases energy and haemoglobin levels. Taking it with ginger juice helps better absorption of iron.

Boosts immunity

Boil water/milk with a pinch of pure turmeric and jaggery (1 tablespoon if powdered or a marble sized piece). Drink this warm beverage at bedtime to boost immunity.

Eases inflammation & cough

Blend dry ginger with a pinch of salt, pure turmeric and organic jaggery. You can eat this chutney with your meal to get relief from cough and reduce inflammation.

Post meal dessert

Combining a little jaggery and ghee can be the best dessert after meals. It aids digestion, boosts mood and also keeps skin and hair healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic jaggery?

Organic jaggery is natural unrefined jaggery obtained from sugarcane extract. It is free from impurities and chemicals. It is naturally processed and retains all the essential nutrients. 

What are the benefits of organic jaggery?

Since it is naturally processed without any additives and chemicals, organic jaggery is a rich source of iron, boosts immunity, cleanses the body, prevents anaemia and helps weight loss. Clean and pure organic jaggery from Nature’s Box provides various health benefits and is a best and healthy substitute for sugar.

How to pick the best organic jaggery?

Pure jaggery without any adulteration will be dark brown in colour. It is always better to choose organic jaggery as it is free from additives and retains jaggery’s natural health properties. Nature’s Box delivers the purest organic jaggery in blocks and powdered form. It is naturally processed, filtered to take away impurities during boiling, cleaned and packed in utmost hygienic conditions to ensure the food product is pure and its nutritional values are well preserved.

How does adulterated jaggery look like?

A lot of adulteration can happen with jaggery. Sometimes chalk powder is added, that makes it look light yellow. This colour indicates artificial colours or chemicals have been added. Fake jaggery can also include sodium carbonate for colour and calcium carbonate to increase its weight. Also, when you add jaggery to water, if it is adulterated, the impurities will settle at the bottom whereas pure jaggery will completely dissolve in water.