Black Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Rs. 110.00
Nature’s Box brings perfect organic black pepper, from the rolling ghats of tropical forests in Kerala. Totally free from chemicals, these whole black peppers are natural to the core, and add a dash of healthy touch to your food.
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Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Rs. 110.00


Customer Reviews

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Divya Maddili
Great aroma

I am very happy using black pepper from Natures Box. It not only gives great aroma and taste to dishes but also helps clear throat ache and cold when taken with warm water and turmeric.

David Garcia
For sandwiches, salads, milk

This organic black pepper from Nature's Box has the natural aroma, flavour and smell that I like so much that I add it to sandwiches, salads, lemonade and last but not least with milk and turmeric at bedtime.

Priyanka Nateri
Five stars

I give 5 stars to the black pepper from Natures Box. I did not realise the true bold flavour and aroma of pure pepper till I used Natures Box pepper.

Natural flavour

This pepper worked great for my sore throat. I could get the natural strong flavour which was missing in the regular ones that I used to buy before.

Product description

Organic Black Pepper

The product passes quality tests to guarantee the nutrient and health properties are intact when packed.

  • Organic farming 
  • Grown in Western ghats
  • Rich in medicinal properties
  • Aromatic & flavourful
  • Used in cooking and medicinal purposes
  • Quality tested & verified


The humid climate along with rich soil make it ideal for pepper growth in the Western and Eastern ghats of India. It is cultivated using organic farming methods that ensure pure and high flavour whole pepper rich in piperine which helps relieve headache, nausea, indigestion and inflammation.

Natural & traditional farming methods

Utmost care is taken right from seeding to packing to ensure you get pure and natural black pepper with its essential oils intact for your everyday cooking and lasting health.

Powerhouse of medicinal benefits

The organic cultivation methods and advanced processing techniques maintain the integrity of spices rich in essential oils, medicinal values and culinary benefits.

Various uses of pepper

Helps digestion

Adding it to cooking not only spices up the dish but also helps in easy digestion, cleans intestines and prevents gastrointestinal disorders.

Pair it with turmeric

The right way to consume turmeric is with pepper as its main component Piperine, helps in easy absorption of turmeric’s curcumin in the body up to 2000%.

Best for cooking

A perfect ingredient that gives pleasant aroma and depth of flavour to any dish. It is also a perfect ingredient for salad dressing and seasoning.

Promotes health & wellness

Adding black pepper powder to health drinks helps you stay fit naturally. Also helps weight loss, joint pains, constipation, cures and prevents diseases.

Salads & Soups

Coarsely ground peppercorns enhance the taste of salads and soups while providing numerous health benefits.

Best home remedy

Taking crushed black pepper with a tablespoon of Tulsi honey and ½ teaspoon of organic turmeric relieves sore throat, cold and cough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main benefit of organic black pepper?

Black pepper is high in anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps stimulating hydrochloric acid in stomach, ensuring better digestion.

What is Piperine in black pepper?

Piperine is the key component of black pepper. It helps reduce chronic illnesses, heart diseases, controls cholesterol and sugar.

How much pepper is ideal to take per day?

Black pepper can be included in daily diet. It is safe to take not more
than 1 – 2 teaspoons of black pepper.

What is the difference between white and black pepper?

Black pepper contains outer layer. When the outer layer is removed, it is white pepper. White pepper is milder and less pungent.

How to identify pure pepper?

Adulterated pepper will break easily when pressed.

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