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Organic Ragi Flour

Rs. 55.00

Organic Ragi flour (Finger millet) is a complete nutritious super food rich in iron and fiber. Nature’s Box takes utmost care at every stage from farming to drying, powdering, storage and packing to ensure that the nutrients of Ragi are retained in their natural form. It can be used in health drinks, sweets, rotis and even substituted for rice.


Ragi Powder

Organically grown finger millet is best in terms of nutrition and taste, as it is cultivated without the use of fertilisers or chemicals which are harmful to health. Finger millet has been one of the ancient energy foods known for its health benefits. In ancient days, one bowl of Ragi porridge provided abundant energy for people to work till late in the noon without feeling tired.

  • High in proteins, fiber, iron
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Controls diabetes
  • Reduces acidity
  • Helps in reducing excess weight

Finger millet is widely preferred for its essential nutrition which is beneficial for maintaining overall health. The powder form of finger millet is easy to use in the preparation of many dishes like roti, dosa, puddings, and malt drink. It can be mixed with jaggery, ghee, milk and wheat. It not only lends great taste but significantly contributes for a healthy body with a strong immune system.

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