Pure Natural Turmeric
Yellowraw Premium -  Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms
Pure Turmeric
Yellowraw Premium -  Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms
Yellowraw Premium -  Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms
Yellowraw Premium -  Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms
Yellowraw Premium -  Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms

Yellowraw Premium - Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms

Rs. 350.00
This chemical-free and high curcumin pure natural turmeric is ideal for those who prefer extensive daily usage of turmeric to enhance the taste of food and enrich health. Grown in dense forest terrains, Yellowraw Premium is the superior turmeric with an intense aroma and a vibrant orange-yellow colour.
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Pure Natural Turmeric

Yellowraw Premium - Pure Natural Turmeric Powder125 gms

Rs. 350.00


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Raghv raj
Delivering old stock

they delivered 6 months old and Not freshly grounded. The Aroma and colour will not be there..

Naresh Gupta
No more supplements

Our day begins and ends with this immunity booster at home. Thanks to Yellowraw Premium turmeric, we don't have to buy too many supplements or health drinks. This turmeric takes care of all health needs.

Charmaine Murray
Reduced sickness

This turmeric immunity booster is so handy for our family with many elders and kids, who often catch cold and cough. Ever since we started using Yellowraw Premium turmeric, the frequency of falling sick has drastically reduced.

Truly pure

I am really happy to have finally found the best organic turmeric powder for cooking. This product is truly pure. You have to try it. Thank you nature's box

First class quality

I'm using nature's box yellow raw premium turmeric powder for the last 1month, Colour and quality is very nice,I can feel the quality of organic Turmeric,This is the best product available in the market

Product description

Organic Turmeric - Cooking & Home Remedies

Organic cultivation in Eastern Ghats, essential oils intact and free from chemicals and additives, make this turmeric therapeutically most powerful from the rest of the ordinary turmeric.

  • High curcumin (6 % - 8%)
  • Natural farming methods
  • Medicinally rich
  • Rich aroma & colour
  • High in anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beneficial for cooking & home remedies


Natural Turmeric

Clean, green and mineral rich lands

A superior blend of turmeric with intense aroma and flavour, cultivated in the pristine terrains of Eastern Ghats. Utmost care is taken right from seeding to packing to ensure whole turmeric without any kind of extractions or preservatives.

Powerhouse of medicinal benefits

The traditional farming methods blended with advanced processing techniques and quality checks maintain the integrity of organic turmeric that is rich in essential oils, medicinal values of curcumin and culinary benefits.

The powerful benefits of Pure Organic turmeric

Fights infections

Make marble sized balls with turmeric and water. Eat one every morning on an empty stomach.

Relief from cold & cough

Mix ½ tea spoon of Ultima with half inch of crushed ginger and 1 tablespoon of pure wild honey to clear respiratory issues.

Treats & prevents diseases

Take ½ tea spoon of Ultima, black pepper and 1 tablespoon of pure honey in 1 glass of lukewarm water, every morning.

Promotes sleep & overall health

Add ½ tea spoon of Ultima to one glass of hot milk. Best bed time drink for sound sleep and maintaining good health.

Best home remedy

Antiseptic properties help in healing cuts, wounds, allergies quickly. It also helps in maintaining a healthy, glowing skin.

Lends colour & taste

Adding it to salads, curries, rice, soups and health drinks brings a rich taste, pleasing colour and keeps the body strong within.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of best organic turmeric?

Naturally grown turmeric without any chemicals works as a great immunity booster. Eating it with ginger and pure honey or drinking with lukewarm water along with black pepper helps fight infections and improve immunity. Blend 1 tablespoon of pure organic turmeric along with 1 inch cinnamon, 3 -4 elaichi pods, dry ginger, 1 teaspoon black pepper to a fine powder and store it in a container. Mix ½ teaspoon in warm milk and drink daily for better immunity.

How does organic turmeric help in fighting infections?

Since organic turmeric is cultivated without any chemicals, fertilisers, its natural medicinal properties remain intact. The presence of curcumin helps in fighting infections and reducing a lot of health ailments. Nature’s Box delivers the best organic turmeric that is cultivated using traditional farming methods blended with advanced processing techniques that retain the oleoresin oils which are highly valued for their powerful medicinal benefits.

What are the uses of Yellowraw Premium turmeric?

This is therapeutically rich turmeric grown in clean, green lands in the Eastern Ghats. Organic farming and traditional techniques retain the oleoresin oils in this turmeric. The oleoresin oils have high value in the international market. Yellowraw Premium is high in medicinally rich oleoresin oils and is effective in fighting infections. Best way to consume it by making marble sized balls with a little water. Eating one every morning on an empty stomach defends the body against various infections and promotes healthy body. Yellowraw Premium can also be used in cooking. Its vibrant colour, aroma and rich taste enhance the dishes while providing health benefits too.

How to check the purity of turmeric at home?

The easiest way to check turmeric’s purity is to add some of it in a glass of water. After about half an hour, pure turmeric will mix well and settle at the bottom leaving the water clear. On the other hand, if the water turns to bright yellow, it indicates adulteration. Pure organic turmeric has a distinct aroma and earthy taste. Adulterated one has no such smell and taste. Choose pure organic turmeric like Yellowraw from Nature’s Box, that brings the world’s best turmeric with highest curcumin.

How to use turmeric?

Turmeric can be used for cooking, medicinal purpose and home remedies. In order to get maximum health benefits, one must make sure to use the best organic turmeric that is free from chemicals. Drinking warm turmeric water with black pepper and pure honey helps detox and prevents infections. Turmeric has been used as an effective medicine for cold, cough and allergies. 

Does the best organic turmeric have curcumin?

Yes, natural farming methods ensure retention of curcumin. Most turmeric sold in the market might have less than 1% of curcumin or nil, that is due to chemical-based cultivation. Nature’s Box sows, grows and sells the best organic turmeric with highest curcumin.Yellowraw in three variants is cultivated using traditional farming techniques along with advanced processing methods that ensures complete goodness of organic and medicinally rich turmeric that enriches health and enhances cooking.

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