Importance of Turmeric

Are You Aware of the Importance of Turmeric?

Oct 09, 2021

Importance of Turmeric

The importance of turmeric goes beyond just a basic ingredient for most dishes . If you have been drinking golden milk or haldi doodh for years with no visible results, then your turmeric is not the real one. Why? Because it has no curcumin, the main element that makes turmeric healthy. Curcumin is the most powerful component in turmeric with high medicinal values. Most often, curcumin gets lost or is extracted from turmeric due to fertiliser based farming and extreme processing. So, we end up getting just the residue of real turmeric with just 2 – 3 per cent or sometimes zero curcumin. The amount of curcumin also depends on mineral rich land, climatic conditions, harvesting methods and most importantly fertiliser free cultivation. The multifunctional medicinal properties of curcumin are mentioned in the Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology - (PDF) Turmeric: A spice with multifunctional medicinal properties (

Studies indicate that beta-carotene in carrots and pumpkins is retained when cooked with pure turmeric. Ancient Ayurvedic remedies have mentioned the importance of turmeric in healing various health conditions most effectively without any side effects. Be it cooking or home remedies, whether you use very little or generously, it is always better to use natural turmeric with its curcumin to get the best in culinary and long-lasting health benefits.

Mineral rich land, high quality seeding, fertiliser free cultivation and integration of advanced techniques with natural farming methods make Yellowraw Ultima the world’s best turmeric with 8 – 10% curcumin. Nature’s Box is committed to deliver pure organic food with its wholesome goodness intact without any extractions to completely protect you from illness and promote wellness. In addition to pure organic turmeric in 3 variants, there is a wide range of oil rich spices, healing herbs, pure honey and wholesome grocery to choose from.

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