The super grain with lowest carb and highest fibre

The super grain with lowest carb and highest fibre

Mar 28, 2024

These tiny millets are rich in nutrients and easy to digest. It has the lowest carbohydrate content. They immensely help in boosting immunity and getting rid of weakness. Barnyard millets cleanse the body by removing the toxics. They can be used in dishes like rice, upma, idli, dosa and porridge. Known as Sanwa in Hindi and Udalu in Telugu, Barnyard millet tastes like broken rice, when cooked.

Beneficial for managing blood sugar

Barnyard is a rich source of fibre which helps slow digestion. As a result, sugar enters the bloodstream slowly, reducing the risk of blood sugar spike. Since millets are low in glycemic index (GI), it does not lead to quick sugar spikes. High fibre and low-GI helps keep sugar steady and also help in losing weight.


Barnyard millets are rich in fibre and proteins in addition to essential amino acids, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, fats, vitamins and phosphorus.

Health benefits of Barnyard millet

Barnyard millet is low in calories compared to other cereals. Since it is lowest in carbohydrates, it is best option for patients with cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. This millet contains good amount of soluble and insoluble fibre. It helps prevent constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramps. The presence of highest fibre helps reduce sugar levels. The grain’s phytic acid improves haemoglobin content. It is also rich in polyphenols, keratonoids which are beneficial for a healthy body. The alkaloids, glycocides, flavonoids, antioxidants contain anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and also help heal wounds quickly besides treating liver and urinary disorders.

  • Gluten-free
  • Controls diabetes
  • Relieves urinary disorders
  • Keeps body temperature normal
  • Best source of iron

How to use

Using naturally grown millets free from chemical- based pesticides and fertilisers will assure retention of innate nutritional qualities of millets. They must be soaked for at least two hours before cooking. It can be used in preparing khichdi, sweets, dosa or porridge. But it must be noted that this millet cannot be combined with other grains.

Are there any side effects?

People suffering from thyroid or hypo thyroid are advised not to consumer millets as they are high in proteins and goitrogenic compounds. Moderate amount of chemical free millets is ideal to consume.

Identifying the right millets

It is recommended to use millets grown using natural farming methods, to get maximum health benefits. Natural, non-chemical based and unpolished barnyard millets are usually creamish in colour and every seed has a dot at the tip. Nature’s Box brings premium millets grown using beyond organic methods that help in preserving the natural nutrients of millets.

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