Aug 17, 2020

Turmeric is considered as the treasure of Ayurveda medicine. The versatile spice aids in digestion, relieves pain and inflammation, treats burns and wounds, boosts immunity and has enormous health benefits. 

The importance of turmeric stems primarily from its active component called curcumin or curcuminoids, an active element that helps in alleviating many health disorders. This polyphenol element works as an antiseptic. Due to medicinal values of curcumin, turmeric curcumin has the potential in treating many diseases. Several studies have been conducted on curcumin, which is recognised as a nutraceutical, a supplement that offers health benefits.

There have been more than 50 clinical trials and 6000 reviewed scientific articles Curcumin benefits. One of the most talked about medicinal values of Curcumin is its anti-inflammatory ability. Research indicates that Curcumin is also effective in destroying cancer causing cells.

A study published in Oncogene journal, one of the leading cancer research journals, showed that Curcumin was more potent than Aspirin and ibuprofen to suppress inflammation and block the process of tumour cell proliferation. Turmeric Curcumin is known for:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant advantages
  • Protection of healthy cells
  • May protect against cancer
    (more research is underway)
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Preventing heart diseases
  • Controlling depression
  • Reducing joint pains


Curcumin plays a vital role in increasing the level of BDNF proteins in the brain. This rises the number of neurons in the brain, enhancing memory power. Curcumin benefits also include improvement in the functioning of endothelial cells which are important for forming the layer on blood vessels. Research indicates that Piperine, an alkaloid present in black pepper along with the Curcumin, reduces nausea, headaches, poor digestion and helps maintain good health. The amount of turmeric Curcumin varies depending on growing conditions and harvest.

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