Jun 24, 2021

This quick and easy turmeric tea will burst fatigue and refresh. The immunity boosting ability of tea gets doubled up when it is combined with natural immunity boosters like organic turmeric, black pepper and pure honey. The combination of pepper and organic turmeric helps your body receive curcumin in right quantity. Curcumin is the important element of turmeric responsible for various health benefits. The warm natural flavour of cinnamon helps in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Naturally grown spices are high in immunity boosting properties. What is more important is the right combination of the spices which will help in fighting infections and keeping you healthy always. Yellowraw turmeric is cultivated in mineral rich soils of Meghalaya, home to the best turmeric in India. This turmeric is reputed to have the world's highest curcumin, trusted for its medicinal values. Trueney, the pure and natural honey from Nature's Box also conforms the parameters of purity and vitality. This spiced up quick and easy tea with pure organic spices gives a boost to immunity, keeping you healthy and active.

Pure organic turmeric powder - 1/4 tablespoon
Black pepper - 1/4 tablespoon
Cinnamon - 1/2 inch
Tea leaves - 1 tablespoon
Pure honey - 3 tablespoons
Blend the spices to a fine powder
Transfer the powder to a bowl
Mix the powder with 1 tablespoon tea leaves
Put the mixed powder in the tea infuser
Add 3 tablespoons of pure honey
Close the bottle
Flip it upside down
Open the lid
Fill it with hot water
Your on-the-go energy tea is ready.

In order to get the best results from turmeric, one must always use pure organic turmeric that is totally chemical free. Adulterated turmeric can have negative effects on health. The pure organic turmeric has all the natural medicinal values and essential oils well preserved in it because it is harvested in soils free from pesticides. Yellowraw turmeric from Nature's Box, is the superior and pure organic turmeric that adopts sustainable methods of organic farming to bring high quality turmeric that is absolutely pure. Yellowraw turmeric range is organically cultivated in pollution free, pesticide free hilly terrains of North Eastern and Southern parts of India. Yellowraw Ultima is the Lakadong turmeric, reputed to be the world's best turmeric with highest curcumin, grown in mineral rich soils using organic farming methods.

Yellowraw has three other variants namely Yellowraw Premium, Yellowraw Regular and Yellowraw Kasturi. Every batch of pure organic turmeric meets the parameters of quality and purity of the best turmeric in India. All the organic turmeric products of Yellowraw ensure retention of natural medicinal properties through organic harvesting, quality testing and hygienic packing. Pure honey from Trueney is obtained from the nectar of medicinally rich flowers in high altitudes and valleys. The health attributes of therapeutic flowers are naturally imparted in this pure honey. Explore the organic turmeric and pure honey collection and pick your choice at

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