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A strong immune system fights infections and prevents any virus from entering the body. Turmeric and black pepper powder are the two super ingredients that boost your immunity levels. A strong immunity is the need of the hour and using right organic ingredients boosts immunity naturally.

Pure Organic Turmeric - ½ Tablespoon
Pure Organic Wild Honey - 2 tablespoon
Black Pepper powder - ½ tablespoon
Water - 1 glass

Preparation Method:
Heat a vessel.
Pour 1 glass of water.
Add Nature’s Box Yellowraw Ultima turmeric with world’s highest curcumin.
Add black pepper powder and boil for 5 minutes.
Add Organic Wild Honey into a glass.
Pour the boiled water and mix well.

The natural, best and traditional way to fight with infections.
Benefits :.
Natural and pure
Rich in medicinal values
Free from additives
Good source of antioxidants
Hygienically packed

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