Jun 18, 2021

I would like to share valuable information with you all. In these pandemic times, turmeric and honey are the ultimate protection. But amidst so many varieties of turmeric and honey available in the market, how does one know which is the right one to use? Especially when there is so much adulteration around. How do we avoid it and choose the pure one? My close friend Sateesh pursued his quest for such pure food. He happened to face a serious health issue. He searched and fetched the pure authentic turmeric grown on healthy soil without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers. He found immense relief by using it. I am saying this now most importantly because of the present corona times. Swallow a tamarind seed sized turmeric ball mixed with water, every morning. And at bedtime, drink a glass of milk with some pepper powder, turmeric and honey. You will not get any disease. This is a wonderful protection.

But when it comes to getting the turmeric and honey, most of them are adulterated and do not stand the purity tests. In his quest to get the best, Kemburu Sateesh Kumar has strived in this direction. He has bought own lands in the North East that are rich in minerals, water. The intention is not to source from anywhere but cultivate in his own land through organic farming without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Similarly honey is also gathered straight from pristine forests filled with a wide range of medicinal flowers.

We hardly get to see 8 – 10% curcumin in turmeric. It is certainly not available for us here. Sateesh has brought forth such pure, high curcumin and medicinally rich turmeric to us through the company Nature’s Box. Though the price is slightly higher, it helps us completely get rid of adulterated turmeric. Secondly, he will not go ahead if it is not highly qualitative. And I will not present it to you if there is no quality. You can stay assured and believe it.

The beautifully packaged pure honey will prove any test. These products are not made with a commercial intention. Hence you will not find it anywhere in the market. I am introducing it with an intention to share about the quality product that will help you gain good health. I have used it for three months and have had a very happy experience. So please do use it. These products are available on It is also available on Please use the product and share your feedback by posting your comment here. Thank you.

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