Jun 18, 2021

Right food is the real food that is free of chemicals and rich in nutrients. Such food is good for your health and helps minimise medical costs. Food grown with the help of chemicals and fertilisers can lead to deadly diseases. They not only affect humans but also cause environmental damage by leaking into the soil and water resources.

Organic farming brings out the natural medicinal qualities of food

When food is grown with natural manure without the use of fertilisers or chemicals, it takes its natural time to bring out the nature bestowed health and nutrition properties which leave a lasting positive impact on our wellbeing. This is right food! Since antioxidants, calcium, minerals, vitamins naturally occur in such foods, it helps in keeping you strong and preventing diseases. Eating right food every day will go a long way in fighting infections, overcoming illness and staying strong and healthy.

Organic farming methods have existed in India since ancient times. Unfortunately, it was forgotten with the advent of fertilisers that help in easy and fast ways to maximise the yield of the crop but at the cost of health. It is time to revive organic farming on a large scale to provide nature nourished, medicinally rich food free from chemicals. In its efforts to bring such organic food that is completely natural with its innate properties intact, Nature’s Box brings world class organic food grown on mineral rich lands in select regions with water and conducive climate, along with utmost care right from quality seeding to natural harvesting and careful packing to ensure essential oils, medicinal properties and nutritional values of every food product remains intact when it reaches customers. From world’s highest curcumin turmeric to diverse tastes of exotic pure honey, premium spices, herbs and wholesome grocery, the wide range of organic food products on www.naturesbox.in assure holistic nutrition while enriching culinary experience.

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