The Identity of Pure Honey

The Identity of Pure Honey

Aug 28, 2021

The real health benefits of honey are only found in pure honey that is gathered by honey bees from the nectar of real flowers without adding any artificial flavours. Sadly, original honey is prone to adulteration to increase production and sales. And a customer might be not able to detect by its appearance as it resembles pure honey. These adulterants not only affect the quality of pure honey but also have negative impact on health. Adulteration can happen in two ways. Direct adulteration by adding artificial substances to honey. And under indirect adulteration, honey bees are fed with artificial sugar syrups. SIMPLE WAYS TO CHECK HONEY’S PURITY – NMR tested honey is considered the purest and safe honey to consume. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is an advanced testing parameter for scanning the quality, adulteration and authenticity of honey.

Before buying honey, make sure it is pure. There are few simple techniques like

Honeycomb test - Add 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 cup of cold water in a wide bowl and rotate it. If you see the forming a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, it is pure honey.

Flame test - Light a matchstick dipped in honey. If it lights up, your honey is pure.

Though these tests come in handy to determine the purity of honey, it is always better to prefer NMR certified honey as it undergoes rigorous test that detects the presence of additives.

Nature’s Box brings the NMR certified honey rich in antioxidants and medicinal values. Trueney honey is available in 11 unique tastes gathered from the nectar of medicinally rich flowers ranging from Carom, Eucalyptus, Tulsi, Turmeric and more. The health properties of various herbal flowers are naturally imparted in this pure honey.

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