What is Unique about Meghalaya Turmeric?

What is Unique about Meghalaya Turmeric?

Aug 27, 2021

Misty Meghalaya is blessed with rain fed soil and conducive climate that makes it the only region for the organic cultivation of the world’s best turmeric with highest curcumin. Clean and green terrains free from pollution, mineral rich lands free from chemicals for decades and traditional methods of farming ensure highest curcumin organic turmeric powder to date. And this is what makes Meghalaya turmeric a powerhouse of medicinal values. Curcumin has the potential to cure and prevent several health conditions from arthritis to cancer. It is highly effective in fighting all kinds of viral, bacterial infections and boosting immunity to defend the body against illness. Get to know more about this magical ingredient TURMERIC IS POWERLESS WITHOUT CURCUMIN – Nature's Box

Nature’s Box is committed to bring the world’s best turmeric with highest curcumin organically grown on its own lands in Meghalaya, where utmost care is taken right from high quality seeding to packing without extracting its essential oils so that you get the complete goodness of organic turmeric powder that enriches taste and enhances overall health required in our daily active life.

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