Jun 21, 2021

Is it better to pay slightly higher for a safer, healthier and chemical free organic products or spend less for pesticide grown food and rack up bigger hospitalisation bills later?  A well-informed person will make the wise choice and avoid future complications. When one understands the clear reason behind the high price and the benefits of organic food, it is well worth it.

Some of the main reasons that contribute to the high price of organic food are:

  • Since organic farming follows natural approach, it takes time to get the yield that has naturally occurring nutrients. Unlike conventional crops that use fertilisers for fast growth and increased productivity, organic food farming uses organic matter which naturally takes time to release nutrients. So, it becomes a premier product resulting in higher costs. 
  • Unlike conventional farming which uses pesticides to kill weeds and pests, organic farming demands more labour for maintenance of farmlands which result in increased investment by farmers. 
  • In order to prevent any adulteration and mix up, extreme care is taken to keep the organic products safe and away from the conventional produce at organic food stores. Since the farmlands are located far away from cities, shipping costs tend to be high.
  • The integrity of organic certification must be maintained. In addition to maintaining the farm, facilities and organic farming methods, one must comply certain standards and be ever ready for inspections at any time.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, organic products are generally expensive because of factors such as high production costs due to greater labour input and post-harvest handling as organic and conventional produce must be separated for processing and transportation. It also includes pollution clean-up costs.

So next time when you look at a regular turmeric pack next to an organic turmeric bottle, you will understand the efforts behind bringing out the nature nourished organic food that not only offers health benefits but long-term savings that a non-organic pack can never offer. 

The better way to handle the price is by creating awareness of organic products and its benefits in the long run. This way, many farmers will be encouraged to switch to organic farming and serve larger customers. More produce will lead to better economies and nominal prices, leading to healthier people and cleaner environment.

Good health is a lifelong investment for a family’s well-being. Incorporating organic food into your daily menu assures right nutrition and disease prevention. You can explore the wide range of nature nourished food on exclusive organic food stores like which works in harmony with nature to bring clean, pure and chemical free food with its innate medicinal properties intact.

With the health scare caused by Covid-19, many people have turned to organic food for boosting immunity. In such a scenario, price is not very important for quality conscious consumers keen on improving their overall health. Buying organic products doesn’t really mean a hole in your wallet. All that is required is certain planning and making a wise choice

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