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Benefits of taking turmeric in Winter

Dec 02, 2021

Turmeric is a healthy addition to your winter diet

Winter is the time to prepare your body to ward off viral infections. So, it is important to incorporate right food in your winter diet. Only a strong immunity can fight infections and eliminate the virus. In a weak immune system, the virus tends to multiply and mutate. Inflammation is an important part of immune system to fight infections. If inflammation gets chronic, it can lead to various diseases. Benefits of turmeric include powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This golden spice is considered the best natural immunity booster and daily consumption of turmeric enhances immunity naturally.

Chronic inflammation is the main cause for most of the diseases. The best and easy way to tackle this problem lies in our kitchens.

In Winters, when the temperature drops, the chillness causes expansion in tissues and joint pains tend to get worse.  Winters also bring common ailments like cold, cough and sinusitis. The best solution lies in household kitchens. Turmeric with high curcumin. Curcumin benefits help reduce inflammation, fight infections and prevent diseases. Curcumin suppresses many molecules known to cause inflammation.

Turmeric will not give real results in the absence of its component curcumin.

The standardized regular turmeric might have low levels or nil curcumin hence it is difficult to reap the real benefits of turmeric. Regular intake of turmeric with high levels of curcumin in food for winter season, will help in reducing pains, giving relief from cough, cold and boost immunity. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of curcumin rich turmeric naturally flush out microbes that clog respiratory tract.

Curcumin rich turmeric is highly effective in Winter diet as it helps

  • Combat viral infection
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Provides relief in Arthritis
  • Treat dry skin
  • Help digestion
  • Purify blood and remove toxins from the body

Enjoy benefits of turmeric by including it in Winter diet

The famous Turmeric milk or golden latte will work better if taken with black pepper as pepper contains Piperine which helps in easy absorption of curcumin in the body. You can get maximum curcumin benefits by pairing pure turmeric with black pepper. You could also add a tablespoon of pure wild honey as it boosts energy levels.

Benefits of raw turmeric in winter

Raw turmeric is said to be more effective. It is known to tighten tissues and absorb excess moisture. You could use raw turmeric in various ways to keep winter chills away. Here is a quick and healthy recipe to boost your daily wellness.


Next time when you look at the turmeric bottle in your kitchen, know that it is beyond an ingredient in curry. It is a remarkable spice with amazing healing powers. But remember, you can enjoy benefits of turmeric only when it is pure organic with high amount of curcumin. Yellowraw is a unique turmeric grown using natural farming methods and distinct processing method to retain its curcumin benefits, medicinally rich essential oils and nutritional properties. This unique turmeric is available in three special varieties that is ideal for cooking and home remedies.

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