Jun 24, 2021

Quick remedy for cough at your home.

This drink is a natural cough remedy for all kinds of cough. Organic turmeric has healing curcumin and black pepper has piperine which helps in easy absorption of turmeric into the bloodstream. And pure honey which is high in antioxidants keeps the throat clear and provides quick relief from cough. This cough relief syrup is the best remedy for viruses.

Water – 1 glass
Pure organic turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon
Black pepper powder – ½ teaspoon
Pure honey – 2 tablespoons

Add 2 tablespoons of honey in a glass. Fill it with hot water.
Stir in organic turmeric powder and pepper powder and mix well. Sip this refreshing and soothing drink at regular intervals to get quick relief from cough

In order to get the best results from turmeric and honey, one must always use organic turmeric and pure honey that do not have any chemicals, flavours or preservatives. Adulterated turmeric can have negative effects on health. The organic turmeric and pure honey consist natural medicinal values because they are obtained naturally without the presence of any chemicals. Yellowraw organic turmeric and Trueney pure honey from Nature's Box, are superior food products that adopt sustainable methods to bring high quality turmeric and honey. Yellowraw turmeric range is organically cultivated in pollution free, pesticide free hilly terrains of North Eastern and Southern parts of India. Yellowraw has four exclusive variants namely Yellowraw Ultima, Yellowraw Premium, Yellowraw Regular and Yellowraw Kasturi.

Every batch of pure organic turmeric meets the parameters of quality and purity of the best turmeric in India. All the organic turmeric products of Yellowraw ensure retention of natural essential oils and medicinal properties through sustainable organic harvesting, quality testing and hygienic packing. Trueney honey is obtained from the nectar of various medicinally rich flowers whose health attributes are naturally imparted in the honey without adding any flavours. Pure honey from Trueney is available in nine unique varieties namely Carom, Eucalyptus, Turmeric, Multi Flower, Jamun, Saffron, Tulsi, Wild and Raw honey. Explore the organic turmeric and pure honey collection and pick your choice at www.naturesbox.in

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