Organic Cinnamon Products from Nature’s Box


Rs. 150.00
The expert team at Nature’s Box travels across deepest forests of Kerala, to get the finest organic cinnamon obtained from the inner bark of Cinnamomum trees. These organic cinnamon sticks are packaged to preserve its texture, quality and health attributes.
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Organic Cinnamon Products from Nature’s Box


Rs. 150.00


Customer Reviews

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Ananth Jayakumar Ponraj
Best of its kind

Gloves, Cinnamon,Pepper and Cardamom were my first purchase...... Really I was highly satisfied with its quality. Thanks for Naturesbox qualitative service.

Raina Joshi
Perfect customer service

I tried cinnamon with Natures Box products like turmeric and honey. Cinnamon has nice flavour and gives a great taste to flavoured rice items. Each product from Natures Box is so pure and good. Also, perfect packing and customer service.


One of the best and effective products I came across. I look forward to buy other products as well.

Venkatesha Rao
Free from chemicals

I am happy with this cinnamon from Natures Box as it has greatly helped me in keeping my sugars stable. I take it daily boiled with warm water. I trust Natures Box products for they are genuine and free from chemicals

Diabetes control

This organic cinnamon from Nature's Box gives a nice pleasant aroma when boiled with water. Every morning, I take warm water with this organic cinnamon which is good for cholesterol & diabetes control.

Product description

Organic Cinnamon

The whole cinnamon is grown organically without any
chemicals used during cultivation process.

  • Organic farming
  • Grown in Western ghats
  • Rich aroma flavour
  • Retains essential oils
  • Nutritional values
  • Quality tested & verified

The natural vitamins, minerals, flavour, aroma and medicinal values of cinnamon remain intact. Nature’s Box ensures the cinnamon sticks are tested well for quality before packaging.

Natural & traditional farming methods

Utmost care is taken right from seeding to packing to ensure you get pure and natural cinnamon with its essential oils intact for your medicinal and cooking purpose.

Powerhouse of medicinal benefits

The chemical free cultivation methods and advanced processing techniques maintain the integrity of spices rich in essential oils, medicinal values and culinary benefits. 

Various uses of Cinnamon

Healthy beverage

Having cinnamon water every morning helps control diabetes, cholesterol and lose weight. The antioxidants give a boost to immunity as well. 

Best for cooking 

Cinnamon powder adds a distinct flavour and taste to a variety of dishes like breads, French toast, desserts, cookies, curries and rice. 

Pair it with honey

Cinnamon and honey are the best combination for weight loss, oral health and treating cold, cough. 

Promotes health & wellness

The warm spice is a powerhouse of medicinal benefits. Incorporating it in your daily diet helps in lowering cholesterol, diabetes and inflammation. 

Best home remedy

Boil 1 cup water with ½ inch cinnamon, ½ tsp black pepper powder and drink by adding some pure honey to ease sore throat, menstrual pain, muscle soreness and indigestion.

Baking & beverages 

Cinnamon powder enhances the taste of cakes, rolls, puddings, cookies, spiced curries and herbal drinks while providing numerous health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cinnamon stick better than powder?

Though both of them last long, cinnamon sticks last longer. Cinnamon sticks add greater flavour if added in health drinks. Powdered cinnamon is good for baking.

How does cinnamon benefit health?

Cinnamon has high medicinal properties. It controls blood pressure, diabetes, fights infections and can prevent diseases like cancer.

How much cinnamon is safe to take?

½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder or 1 inch of cinnamon stick a day is safe. High levels may not be good for liver.

What is the best combination with cinnamon?

Cinnamon can be paired with pure honey, black pepper and organic turmeric.

How to store cinnamon?

In order to retain the freshness, cinnamon must be stored in tightly sealed container. If it is in packet, secure the opening with a clip. Store them away from direct sunlight.

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