Star Anise 50 gms

Rs. 160.00
Grown in temperate forests, Star Anise gives a distinct aroma, flavour and is extensively used in herbal medicines as it is a natural effective remedy for various ailments. Nature’s Box makes sure that the spice’s natural properties remain intact at all stages from organic farming to harvesting and packing.
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Star Anise 50 gms

Star Anise 50 gms

Rs. 160.00
Product description

Star anise

Nature’s Box assures the retention of natural flavour, aroma
and high essential medicinal oils of Star Anise.

  • Grown in temperate forests
  • Rich in medicinal benefits
  • Retains natural oils
  • Effective in herbal medicines
  • Quality tested & verified

Indian star anise is known for its culinary and medicinal purposes. Apart from lending a unique aroma and flavour to dishes, this star shaped spice is also an excellent remedy for various health ailments such as indigestion, flu, respiratory and rheumatism problems.

Natural & traditional farming methods

Organically grown in dense forests with mineral rich soil, utmost care is taken right from seeding to packing to ensure you get pure and natural Star Anise with its medicinal qualities, natural aroma and flavour intact. 

Powerhouse of medicinal benefits

The chemical free cultivation methods and advanced processing techniques maintain the integrity of spices rich in essential oils, medicinal values and culinary benefits.

Various Uses Of Star Anise

Culinary spice

Star Anise lends a delightful aroma and unique flavour to dishes like Biryani, curries and spicy dishes.

Home remedies

Sipping water boiled with cinnamon and star anise helps weight loss, lowers cholesterol, prevents infections and improves bone health.

Health benefits

This star shaped spice is an excellent remedy for indigestion, flu, respiratory and rheumatic problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Star Anise medicinally beneficial?

Star Anise’s oils contain Thymol, Terpineol and Anethole, which are highly effective in treating cold, cough, flu and also improve digestion.

Where to find best Star Anise online?

Look for organic food products store that specialise in naturally grown star anise without any chemicals. Nature’s Box delivers medicinally rich, flavour and aroma intact star anise online Nature's Box

How to identify the right Star Anise?

It should have 8 segments, a distinct aroma and reddish brown colour. Too brittle and dark colour indicates poor quality.

What is the right way to store Star Anise?

It can be stored in an airtight container and placed in a dark, cool place away from sunlight. Exposing to heat can affect its flavour.


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