What makes cold pressed oils better than regular oil?

What makes cold pressed oils better than regular oil?

Jul 28, 2022

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, Indian cooking depends on oil as the base ingredient. But are you using the right oil that ensures a healthy meal? With health becoming a priority, Cold pressed oils have gained popularity as the healthiest and safest oil.

Right oil matters for bright health

A healthy meal matters most for a healthy body. And oil is the base ingredient that goes into every dish. Using the right oil can go a long way in making your daily meal healthy and tasty. Be it frying, sauteing, salad dressings, oils are an important part of meal. They help in increasing the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and improve food texture, taste and flavour.

Healthy oil must have a balance of three fatty acids

As per the guidelines issues by National Institute of Nutrition, healthy oils should have a balance of three fatty acids namely Monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) and Saturated fatty acid (SFA). Refined oils strip off the natural nutrients and can increase the risk of diseases and obesity. Hence it is important to make a mindful choice when it comes to healthy cooking. Here is where cold pressed oils help as they are directly drawn from nuts/seeds using traditional method of extraction which does not involve any refining process or heat treatments.

What is cold pressed oil?

As the name implies, cold pressed oils are obtained from oil seeds like groundnut, sesame, sunflower which are pressed with steady and moderate pressure without any heat treatments to extract oil. Also known as virgin oil or cold drawn oil, this oil is extracted using traditional method by crushing the seeds at room temperature without applying heat. If heat is applied the natural nutrients get depleted. There are a lot of health benefits of cold pressed oils as they retain most of the antioxidants essential for good health and prevent chronic ailments.

The extraction process of cold press oils

Known as Ghani or chekku, a mortar and pestle made of stone or wood is used to extract oil from oil seeds. In ancient days oil was extracted with the help of a perambulating cow. However, in recent times, extraction machines have replaced animals. As there is no external heat, the friction is created by rotating the seed mixture which generates heat internally. The process of rotation separates oil from the seed pulp. As the final step, the oil is filtered to ensure there are no remnants of rind or pulp.

Understanding Cold pressed oils Vs refined oils

Refined oils lose a lot of nutrients

Refined oils use high heat and chemical solvents which can damage bio active compounds present in the oil. This process might give a better yield in terms of quantity and might appear attractive. Acetic acid and bleaching soda are sometimes used to refine it further and an external heat of nearly 200 degrees Celsius can destroy the precious nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Cold press oils retain natural properties

Cold pressed method results in natural extraction of oil from the seeds. The method just presses the seed and no other processing is involved. The natural nutrients, texture, aroma remain intact. It takes longer time and yield is less but is the most safe and healthiest oil.

Benefits of cold pressed oils

Free from chemicals – Unlike refined oils which use certain chemicals to make it look appealing, cold pressed oil is obtained only by crushing the seed without applying any heat or using any chemical solvents. Hence it retains oil’s natural nutrients.

Rich in antioxidants – The presence of antioxidants help reduce cell damage in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Good for heart – Cold press oils possess Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which help get rid of bad cholesterol.

High nutrition – Cold pressed oils are best for cooking as they have high nutritional value and are a rich source of zinc and vitamins A, C, E and D.

Different types of cold pressed oils and their healing properties

Cold pressed coconut oil The presence of lauric acid has antiviral effect on the body.Coconut oil boosts metabolism, immunity and promotes healthy hair and skin.

Cold pressed sesame oilGreat source of Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is highly effective for treating arthritis and lowering cholesterol.

Cold pressed sunflower oilRich in Vitamin A and E, sunflower oil promotes skin health. The antioxidants help regenerate damaged skin cells.

Cold pressed olive oilHelps in lowering the risk of heart diseases, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. It also supports gut health. This oil is ideal for salad dressing and is not ideal for cooking curries as it has low smoking point.

Cold pressed safflower oilThe presence of linoleic acid helps reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of heart diseases. It also helps prevent abdomen pain and cramps during menstrual cycles.

Cold pressed mustard oilThis oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid which can reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and lowers the risk of heart attack. It is also helpful in relieving pain caused by arthritis.

Cold pressed groundnut oilGroundnut oil is rich in plant sterols, which reduce cholesterol and provide heart healthy fats. Groundnut oil has high heat tolerance and lends a distinct nutty flavour to a variety of fried snacks and sweets.

How to use cold pressed oils

Since cold press method does not use any heat treatment, the beneficial properties of oil remain intact. So, it is ideal to use it on medium or low heat, while cooking.

100% natural, pure cold pressed oil is extracted from best quality seeds

If you are looking forward to include healthy oil for a healthy meal, cold pressed oils are the best choice. They are not only safe for consumption but retain most antioxidants and help promote overall health and prevent the risk of chronic ailments.

Masala dosa, puri, pakoda, samosa, bhajji, fish curry, veg curry…no doubt, all of these are delicious delights but they deserve good quality oil that not only enhances the taste but also protects your health.

Depending on the type of oil you use for cooking, it is always better to choose brands that provide unrefined, solvent free and cold pressed oils. Organic brands like Nature’s Box adopt traditional oil extraction methods that ensure natural nutritive values are not lost.

Nature’s Box brings an exclusive collection of cold pressed oils available in 1 litre in six different types, sustainably sourced and packed to ensure you get the nutrient rich, unrefined and pure wood cold pressed cooking oil obtained from premium quality seeds.


    Jan 03, 2023 at 12:17

    Sir,thanks a lot for supplying very very important information about cold pressed oil and rifind oils


    Jan 03, 2023 at 12:17

    Sir,thanks a lot for supplying very very important information about cold pressed oil and rifind oils


    Jan 03, 2023 at 12:17

    Sir,thanks a lot for supplying very very important information about cold pressed oil and rifind oils


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