Health benefits of eating organic food

Health benefits of eating organic food

Mar 04, 2022

Incorporating organic food in your daily diet ensures natural nutrition and disease prevention.

Everyone emphasises on having nutritious food but at the same time we should also know what goes into the production of the food we consume. Most people are unaware of the hidden dangers of non-organic food which come mainly from the use of chemicals.

Chemical-based farming can be extremely hazardous to health

The main purpose behind using fertilisers is to increase the soil fertility for plant growth. But the hidden danger is that they seep through the soil leading to contamination of water. However, the immediate effect is on human health.

Pesticide residues of non-organic food remain on it even after washing.

Several studies in the US suggest that pesticides have been harming children’s brains. The US Agricultural Health Study assesses the link between pesticide exposure and cancer. In 2010, a review of the study of 28 publications found 19 out of 32 pesticides to be associated with at least one type of cancer. The Indian state of Punjab faced adverse consequences due to the toxic, harmful effects of pesticides that resulted in health issues like cancer, renal failure and birth defects.

Organic food is the best and safest way to remedy the ill effects and promote healthy life

Since organic food farming follows natural approach, it takes time to get the yield which has naturally occurring nutrients. Extreme care is taken to prevent adulteration and maintain integrity of the food product.

An analysis in the British Journal of Nutrition found that organically grown crops, because of differences in fertilisation techniques, were 48% less likely to test positive for cadmium, a toxic heavy metal that accumulates in the liver and kidneys. The phosphate-based fertilisers can provide more cadmium to what is already there in the soil. Having said that, the kind of soil on which food is grown is also very important. Mineral rich soil without the presence of any chemicals can help in yielding clean and healthy organic food with its innate properties intact.

What makes organic food a wise choice

Natural approach - Unlike conventional crops that use fertilisers for fast growth and increased productivity, organic food farming takes time to get the yield with naturally occurring nutrients. This method of cultivation uses only natural organic matter that ensures natural release of nutrients.

Certification – Organic foods are regulated by Food safety and standards authority of a country and have certifications. It indicates organic integrity from farm to the market.

Beneficial nutrients – Clean food gives clean health. As organic food is grown in the healthy soil without the use of toxic chemicals and is free from artificial colours, preservatives, it contains more vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Supports healthy environment – Organic farming maintains the health of the soil and prevents chemicals getting into water supplies. It is pollinator friendly and protects the bees and wildlife from toxic chemicals.

Reduce the risk of cancer – According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine published by American Medical Association, those who ate organic foods lowered their overall risk of developing cancer.

How does your body benefit from organic food?

Since organic foods are grown without chemicals, pesticides, they contain natural nutrition. Studies have indicated that if organic food is the primary diet for children, it reduces the occurrence of allergies. The high levels of antioxidants present in naturally grown food boosts immunity in children and adults. The total absence of pesticides, fertilisers in organic food makes it good for a healthy skin too.

Rich in Vitamin C - Organic food is rich in Vitamin C which is required by the body to protect the cells, heal wounds quickly and maintain healthy bones, cartilage and blood vessels.

High in antioxidants - The presence of antioxidants helps prevent heart diseases, cancer, premature aging and vision problems.

Better taste and nourishment - Since the crops are given more time to naturally develop and mature, they retain the natural nutritional properties. The use of traditional farming techniques with natural manure ensures better taste.

Strong immunity - Organic foods do not go through any genetic modifications which have negative impact on health in the long run. Hence, they have high vitamin and mineral contents which strengthen the immune system.

Cleaner, safer and healthier

Only the right food from quality seeding, natural harvesting can assure health, nutrition, taste and sustains in the long run. And this can happen only with organic food that is cultivated on clean lands without the use of any kind of chemicals.

Make the right choice

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